Why choose a small design agency over a larger one?

Why should you choose to work with a smaller design agency over a larger one that may seem to be a ‘safe’ option? Well, there are no end of benefits to working with a smaller design agency if you want a fast and innovative process that executes the best vision for your company.

Big design agencies may seem appealing; an established advertising brand that one may be drawn to just because of the big name. But the unique and personalised vision that you will receive from a smaller design agency is a far ‘safer’ option. Better ideas mean better business.

Here are some key aspects of smaller agencies that are sure to confirm that they are the right choice for you:

1. Personalisation – Instead of having to deal with several different people for each aspect of the design process, you will always be working closely with the creatives and decision makers of the company. You will feel secure in knowing exactly who is executing your vision and how.

2. Efficiency – Due to the fewer amount of people in smaller design agency, the creative process is much more streamlined, with less bureaucracy to wade through. This means that the final product can be reached faster, which is vital in the rapid pace of today’s world.

3. Flexibility – Bigger agencies use their in-house staff to execute the production of the product. Where this can constrain what they can produce and when, smaller agencies are free to outsource to staff who can execute the vision that best suits your company. This flexibility means that you will always be getting exactly what is right for you company, and we will always find the best people to do the job.

4. Best price – We know that as a brand, finding the most economic agency is important. By choosing a smaller agency, you are able to avoid the large overheads the come with the numerous staff and departments of large agencies.

5. Equal attention – Whether you choose a bigger or a smaller company, it is likely that a similar amount of people will be working on your project. Not everyone in a 300-person company will be working on your project. It is likely that a smaller company will provide a similar amount of people to work on your project.

6. Strong culture – While big agencies can often lose sight of the reason the company was started in the first place, smaller agencies interact with the founder and other workers often which keeps the vision and the culture of the agency alive. Everyone is able to work together to maintain the culture that started the agency in the first place.

Of course, the most important thing for a company is to find the agency that can execute the best vision for you company. Smaller agencies can provide the niche expertise needed to differentiate your brand in a flooded and ever-changing market. Smaller agencies can adapt quicker to technological change and shifts in the marketplace. Look at our past projects and see for yourself how smaller agencies can beat out bigger agencies in their own game.

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