How to choose the right colours for your brand.

Colours are all around us. Think about it. We imagine red when we think of Coca Cola or yellow if we think of McDonald’s. It’s what marketers call colour psychology. Today we are going to give you the tools to choose a colour when defining your brand.

Like brands, colours are ultimately nothing more than perceptions. Choosing the colour of your brand is what ends up connecting your brand with a clear message, transmitting certain values ​​and a differentiated image. To choose the right colour, designers need to know how the brand wants to be perceived. Ask yourself: what makes you unique, what are your values, and who is your audience? What we feel is more important than what we think

Colours evoke a whole range of emotions. What we feel is more important than what we think about your brand, perceptions are emotions and emotions can lead us to enjoy or reject a certain product or service.

Once you know your audience and values, it’s time to think in terms of colours and making the emotional associations with each one. Below you can find different meanings we use.

Red stands for passion, excitement and anger.

Orange stands for friendliness, vitality and energy.

Yellow stands for happiness, youth and optimism.

Green stands for stability, prosperity, growth and nature.

Blue stands for professionalism, security and formality.

Purple stands for luxury, royalty and creativity.

Pink stands for femininity, youth and innocence.

Grey stands for neutrality, it can look serious, classic, mysterious or mature.

Black stands for luxurious, sophistication, power and modern.

White stands for hope, simplicity, goodness, purity, and cleanliness.

Do you want to communicate strength or passion? Think about it. After all – you’re not selling a designer water bottle; you’re selling a lifestyle!

We generally define a brand colour scheme when we design a brand identity. Your image can be monochrome but generally, there is a base colour that combines with two or three complementary colours (use a neutral palette of tones and maybe one accent colour to highlight). We’ll use this scheme to design your logo, brand materials like packaging and merchandising, advertising and promotion, social media visuals and your website.

Discover how we used colours when we designed the brand identity of Bondi Meditation Centre; or why we used pink-orange colours to develop the Beach Life Festival website. Peterson & Co connects brands with their targets through design and content. Get in touch.

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