How design can elevate your brand.

Do you know that design is able to quickly communicate your brand values to your target audience? We want to share with you how to attract customers with design that helps to meet your business goals.

Studies have revealed that strong design means strong consumer trust and unique relationships between brand and customer. First impressions today are more important than ever! Businesses need powerful visuals to create an impeccable appearance to build the consumers perception and feeling towards the brand.

An audience that connects with your business is more likely to subscribe to your website, follow you on  social networks and to purchase your products.

How do you create strategic design that helps you sell more? The important factors below will help:

1. Create your own brand manifesto: this means, think about who are you, what do you do, and what your audience wants. Establish your goals, what is the market positioning you want to achieve, what kind of feelings do you want to communicate. Also, analyse your competition’s design: what elements of their design are helping to attract customers.

2. Start designing your brand based on all the information you have collected. From building strong visuals that communicate your values, creating responsive user-friendly websites using effective call-to-actions; creating short and impactful messages, to designing creative newsletters, apps, and logos. Every branding piece has to share the same brand identity, and tone of voice. Be consistent, and keep your audience in mind!

3. Packaging matters. You have to make your consumers fall in love with you. Using visual features, and attractive compositions with creative colours and shapes, surprising layouts and messages, are key factors when buying a new product or service. Use imagination!

4. Follow a unique branding strategy. Any format or channel you use has to breathe the same identity, even your internal corporate presentations. This will help you to increase your business visibility and consistency.

5. Be memorable. Go for it! If you use short clear text, cool visuals, and a considered colour palette, you’ll stand out from the crowd! Tell a creative story that relates to your customers.

Create strong designs to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. You want them to feel special and unique.

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