10 websites for design inspiration.

Featuring some of the best designed websites. We are seeing changes in website design, as communications are getting more and more visual, designers are using bold letters and less text.


  1. Bondi Meditation Centre


We’ve been working with Bondi Meditation Centre for over 6 years. – a unique and special space in the heart of Bondi. Colour palettes of white on black and grey lines with beautiful photos by local photographer Anthony Glick. These all helped to design a simple but significant, modern look. Click here to see more about the project.


  1. This is beyond


“This is beyond”, an event agency based in London. A clear example of creativity and imagination, combining impactful claims, small and big type, and strong colour contrasts….a good way to stimulate the user’s interaction!


  1. 11 mirrors hotel



This first design hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine, reflects this design shaping experience in each pixel of its website. Elegant shots, high visual production, and fine lines moving in every screen, you can discover the hotels stories on its elegant pages.


  1. Constance Burke



A design portfolio can be a strong communication tool, and it shines through on the Constance Burke site. Illustrations presenting fashion designs, colours on white backgrounds, and the information is well presented and invites the user to view more.


  1. Bavette



Quality and tradition are reflected in this site through pictures, they tell us the story of the store and its people. A green colour palette and a well-designed composition, reflect the trace of modernity and renewed look that characterise the brand.


  1. Muuto



Mutto designs website is based on impactful pictures featuring their products, and bold capital letters to showcase its collections names. An strong website based on soft colours for elegance. The site background beautifully animates to show the qualities of a pendant lamp.


  1. Curated By



This fashion eCommerce site is based on simple lines and practical white and natural colours in its collections and fabrics. When we scroll through, this reinforces the brands values. White on black patterns, and the perfect amount of text. If you love style; you’ll be curious to find out more.


  1. Upper Quad



Upperquad is a creative agency based in San Francisco. Their site is the result of integrated animation, video, and impactful bold typography. The site makes you want to continue browsing as you feel the attraction of movements and colours.


  1. Twothirds



As you can see, the composition is designed by waves lines, and a blue logo communicating the ocean character of the brand; natural colours palette; white fonts, and delicate photo editing showing their commitment to the environment. The result? We can feel the sustainable and eco-friendly vibe.


  1. Booreiland




We love the white on yellow painting and strong black texts on a simple design. A strong interactive page where the user is invited to watch and live the visual digital experience. Amazing work to show the power of design and animation

If you want to know more about the rules of website design, press here. And if you’re you planning to design your business website or redefine your brand identity, let’s chat.